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Although the number of older pregnancy preparation, semen, but not health more useless – Sohu are many maternal pregnancy knowledge in women after pregnancy slowly understand, but some must prepare pregnant even earlier time to learn. For example, older growth will increase the risk of miscarriage and gestational diabetes, fetal malformation and other issues, many women are in preparation for pregnancy or pregnancy did not know when it will let older pregnant mother have pressure of guilt for the baby. In fact, far more than women, pregnancy is one of two things, older male fertility is a risk in terms of the baby, because the semen quality has been gradually decreased. The older, the worse the quality of sperm, the best male reproductive period longer than women, 25 to 35 years of age is the golden age of male fertility. At the age of 40, the testicular function of the male decreased gradually, and the semen parameters (such as semen volume, sperm motility, sperm concentration and sperm morphology) and sperm function also decreased significantly, and the fertility decreased. Of course, there are a lot of differences in the quality of the sperm of men, some people may still have seventy or eighty years of fertility, and some may be very poor fertility of more than and 50 years old. Thank you for your attention, more information, you can also pay attention to: m.83152222, the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official website regularly to push your preparation related to pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum health care knowledge, we will. If you have any questions, please call the hotline: 0431-83152222, we will be based on your situation to make targeted guidance. The older, the more general case of abnormal sperm, semen sperm ratio of not less than 4% can be, but the number of sperm deformity in older male semen will rise. Abnormal sperm refers to the form of abnormal sperm and immature sperm, combat effectiveness is much worse than normal sperm. The main abnormal sperm may cause two kinds of problems: difficult to conceive: some abnormal sperm vitality is difference, it is difficult to combine with the egg pregnancy; adverse pregnancy outcomes: some abnormal sperm genetic material is abnormal, the sperm once the pregnancy, may cause miscarriage or fetal malformation. In short, the male age, the number of malformed sperm increased, not only more difficult to conceive, fetal malformation, miscarriage risk will increase. Older sperm!! how to do? If you are ready to have a second child the couple are older, the body has decreased in pregnancy preparation issues should be more cautious. Two aspects are very important: on the one hand is the regular inspection, on the other hand is to improve the living habits. The couple can best advice to the hospital for fertility assessment, according to the main contents including the evaluation of the male medical history and the current physical condition. 1 essential medical items including the pre inspection of heart, liver and kidney function, blood pressure, blood sugar, can also check the semen, sperm quality assessment. At present, the most commonly used to assess sperm quality check is a routine semen analysis, including normal index common: semen volume of more than 1.5 mL total sperm activity more than 40% to more than 32% sperm motility.相关的主题文章:

Iron boss Iran train call you to learn! – Sohu travel 2828创业网

Iron boss: Iran train call you to learn! – Sohu travel (the end of the text with Raiders), said the emperor, like our country to do big things of the system, for the broken and stand, have a particularly large energy. So, like the high iron like this huge project that will spread Shirupozhu spread. What sort of demolition budget, all be nothing difficult. This is probably one of the strengths of a strong government. The women, the material level is right, but only the hardware is up, the service is not able to keep up with, look feel is the robe with braids of Qing Dynasty people walk in twenty-first Century, special division. Such a dialogue is our homely food. Two people’s world is too empty, there will always be some special daily discussion to fill. The reason why the above dialogue is caused by the train in Iran. To arrive at the Mashhad train station, there are two first impression: 1), the train station itself is very spectacular and beautiful; 2) special luxurious bathroom clean. 3) no form of security, no security. Wait on the train at the front of the three point is simply pale into insignificance by comparison. Soft sleeper box with four beds, with daytime lift, lower berth is high on both sides of the sofa armrest belt, the middle of a folding table, convenient diet with daytime chat. Equipped with two sets of wall mounted TV, air conditioning is a self adjustable type, each bed has a reading lamp with adjustable brightness, bedding separate packaging, each box gave a daily newspaper. 21:55 a car, the conductor sent free snacks, snack boxes per person including: a bottle of mineral water, Black Tea a pack, a pack, a pack of wipes peanut cake, a block, a box, a piece of sugar juice. With us in box 4 is a pair of mother and son of Iran, they came to Mashhad pilgrimage. Young English in general, but especially enthusiastic, we went in he helped the parcel on the overhead luggage, before going to sleep, it is also recommended that the position change into every two bunk on the ramp, so that one family can see each other. The train running smoothly, from first to last not heard the sound of a whistle, a rare night on the train but also sweet sleep. Later found that the car is produced in North China car. Proud。 Get up at eight a.m.. Two Iran people took up the quilts and pillows retracted into the bag and the sheet stacked neatly in place waiting for the conductor to collect. Then, the old lady sitting cross legged, quietly read the koran. A black did not cover her kindly, but better bring out her good qualities of social morality. To look at people is really like and respect. The women gave the old lady a Chinese node, then the number of scattered bodhi. Yesterday in the streets of heavy traffic rope broken beads scattered, many passers-by to help pick up the number 108, finally found the original hand string was less three! The old lady looked at, but did not speak, but he will be on his hand to the village. Female heart BaiZhuanQianHui, all thought.相关的主题文章:

Haikou sits in jail for 17 years married man Huang Jiaguang was awarded more than 160 – Beijing sql server 2000 个人版

Haikou sits in jail for 17 years married man Huang Jiaguang was awarded more than 160 – Beijing, South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou on October 24th news (South China Sea network reporter Sun Lingzheng) official sit for 17 years Haikou man Huang Jiaguang married. October 24th, Huang Jiaguang and the Haikou women’s wedding held a happy marriage. It is understood that Huang Jiaguang’s wife is 10 years old he is small, a long stream of Haikou people. Huang Jiaguang lives in Dongshan District of Hainan province Haikou City Xiuying new ridge village, 1996, 24 year old Huang Jia Guang being reported in the 1994 murder was arrested. Many people to prove that when the incident outside of his work, was involved in the intentional homicide, was sentenced to life imprisonment. In prison, Huang Jiaguang has not given up a complaint for Huang Jia guang. In September 2014, the case of retrial, the final declaration of innocence Huang Jia Guang, Huang Jiaguang awarded about 1600000 yuan. Huang Jiaguang was 42 years old when he was acquitted. Huang Jia Guang released just two years, and how small he 10 years old woman Du Wen’s deeply attached to each other? After marriage, they have what kind of imagination? Please pay attention to the follow-up report of the South China sea.相关的主题文章:

The State Council third large inspection start – Politics – norton disk doctor

The State Council third large inspection start – Politics – Xinhua news agency, Beijing in August 28,     the State Council third times recently launched a comprehensive inspection, supervision scope covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the relevant departments of the State Council inspection points including maintain steady economic development, promote the supply side structural reform, promoting innovation driven development, protect and improve the livelihood of the four aspects of 23 key work content, to promote the various regions and departments to earnestly perform their duties, efforts to promote major policy initiatives, key livelihood project investment projects, speed up the ground, keep the economy running at a reasonable range, to ensure the completion of the annual economic and social development of the main target task. Since this year, all localities and departments to earnestly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision, insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, efforts to promote the supply side structural reform, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote the entrepreneurial innovation, foster the development of new energy, the work has achieved positive progress. But there are still some localities and departments in depth and reform work coordination and policy supporting, measures are not in place, the existence of individual cadres lazy politics and not as messy as lazy political phenomenon, the impact of the decision to deploy landing force. According to reports, third major inspection will focus on the central economic work conference and the "government work report", focusing on the current economic operation and the reform and development of the outstanding issues, control related work and quantitative indicators of the deployment of key tasks, one by one to implement, layers of conductive pressure, promote the work ahead, pay close attention to dry. According to the work arrangement, the use of the first inspection of the field after the inspection of the way. In various regions and departments to carry out self-examination on the basis of the State Council in September 18th will be sent 20 inspection teams to the region and the relevant departments of the State Council to carry out on-site supervision. In the last year, the State Council praised the 20 cities (state), the 20 counties (cities, districts), the implementation of the "free supervision". Since the establishment of the current government, the State Council has organized two annual inspection, effectively promote the major policy measures and key work of the deployment of the implementation, promoting economic and social development of the main targets to complete the task successfully, to enhance the credibility of the government executive power and achieved good social repercussions. It is understood that, in order to promote the formation of competing as active as the momentum of the work, the big inspection will further improve the incentive and accountability mechanisms. In terms of supervision and incentives, continue to really hard work, the results of the work of the place to give a clear recognition of the increase in funding, projects and land and other aspects of incentives to support and tilt to the grassroots cities and counties. In the supervision and accountability, to continue to focus on lazy government ministers and not as messy as problems, seize the typical, serious accountability. At the same time, a sound and reasonable fault tolerance and error correction mechanism to effectively mobilize and protect the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres of entrepreneurship, initiative, creativity. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 02 Edition) (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章:

Beijing, a man armed with a knife robbed 6 security guards have been arrested by the police

Beijing, a man armed with a knife robbed 6 security guards have been arrested by the police – Sohu news robbery man armed with a dagger. For more than a security figure for the man. Respondents for map robbed woman get my bag. For respondents figure Beijing News News (reporter Ceng Jinqiu) this morning 10 am, Beijing Chaoyang District Dongyi international media industry park, a man with a knife robbed a woman, and cut 6 security guards, one of the waist was stabbed. Currently, the man has been controlled by the police. Robbed the woman surnamed Cao, is the front desk staff of a company in the industrial park. The company responsible person Ms. Wang said, when Ms. Cao park is the dining room door, suddenly a northeastern accent man rushed to her waist with a knife, robbed her carry bag. Ms. Cao and colleagues from the visible shooting photos, the more than and 20 year old man, dressed in a long white T-shirt, black trousers, sleeves rolled up, skirts up to the abdomen, right hand holding a length of about 20 cm. The industrial park, Mr. Zhang said, when he was on patrol, suddenly heard a woman crying loudly near the cafeteria, popularity to smell, found that criminals attack, he immediately notify other security, then more than security with sticks, iron bars and other equipment rushed to the scene. "The man holding a knife, see people scarify." Mr. Zhang said, in addition to being robbed of the woman, his 6 colleagues are scratched, one waist was stabbed, has been sent to a nearby hospital. In the fight, the knife wielding man’s right hand was injured. Was at Communication University of China west campus, the man was forced to put Ms. Cao bag away. Then, the man attempts to taxi failed, finally stopped a tricycle, ordered the driver to drive away. At this point, the captain of the security team to drive, the captain with his car hit a three rounds, and then we went to a group of people, with a stick to him on the ground." This afternoon, the reporter learned from the Gaobeidian police station, the man has been controlled by the police.相关的主题文章:

The Ministry of public security to combat telecommunications network crime investigation and control 嘿嘿taxi

The Ministry of public security to combat telecommunications network crime investigation and control centre for the freezing of funds over 1 billion 100 million Sohu news Beijing September 20,   according to the public security ministry news website, January 2016, authorized by the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Beijing city started construction of the Ministry of public security governance to combat telecommunications network crime investigation and control center model". As of now, check and control center has more than 40 national frozen accounts involved, the freezing of funds of 100 million yuan in 11. By reducing the mass loss of 18 million yuan. Shut down the number of mobile phones involved more than 13, nearly 30 thousand of the number 400, pseudo base pseudo link to more than 1. On the morning of 20, the Ministry of public security to combat illegal and criminal investigation model of telecommunication network management control center "ceremony held at the Beijing municipal public security bureau. Vice Minister of public security Li Wei, Vice Minister of public security, the deputy mayor of Beijing City Public Security Bureau Wang Xiaohong attended the meeting and to check and control center inaugurated. The Ministry of industry, the people’s Bank, the CBRC and other units China relevant leaders attended the opening ceremony. "The Ministry of public security to combat illegal crime investigation model of telecommunication network management control center is authorized by the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Beijing city based on the construction of the financial system of the national public security organs only a telecommunications network crime investigation and control center. Check and control center, the main function is: take the national telecommunications network fraud cases involving account query, control, and communication tools, to freeze the query, closure and clues development work, provide the check and control of capital flow, flow of communication support for the fight against the national telecommunications network fraud cases. It is understood that, in order to enhance the telecommunications network fraud cases against prevention capacity, Beijing City Public Security Bureau under the leadership of the Ministry of public security and the municipal Party committee and municipal government, relying on the construction of police data, focusing on the case before, focus on prevention and control, in November 2015 the establishment of the first national provincial anti fraud telecommunications network center and check control center, through the work of innovative tactics the concept, mechanism, formed with the characteristics of the capital support to fight against network crime of fraud of the national telecommunications system, criminal suspects and arrested the rise in the number of increase in the number, the number of cases, detection of decline, people’s property loss decreased obviously "two or two down". After the opening ceremony, the Ministry of public security, the CBRC, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau held a joint "in the field of telecommunication network model of criminal cases of freezing of funds return" several regulations promulgated and Telecommunications fraud cases to freeze the funds return ceremony press conference. It is reported that the Ministry of public security in Beijing established 1 inspection center, in Shanghai, Suzhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places set up 6 research center, also established 2 prevention and control center in the Alibaba and Tencent Inc group.相关的主题文章: